The Violin Family

When I make a new instrument I do draw on my experience and the old instruments I have studied, seen, worked with and learned about – in other words, I don't deny the historical past and path of instrument making, but I personally feel much more comfortable working with my own models. I do not like to replicate or copy.


When I get a commission from a client for a new instrument I always offer them a choice of wood – I only select pieces I am prepared to use, but it is important to offer a choice from these because I actually think that on a subconscious level a musician will choose wood that suits them.

If I am making a commission for a specific client I like that person to come to my workshop a few times during the process. In part I know that it is interesting for the client to see their instrument being made and to learn all about it, but also musicians bring important questions which then help me evolve as an instrument maker. I treasure my relationship with the musicians I work with, and I think the time I spend with them helps me understand them and advances my success as an instrument maker.