Bow Rehairs & Small Repairs

I offer a quality bow rehair service as a result of the years of experience I have working with bows. I know that this is very important to the overall performance of an instrument. If a bow is not rehaired properly the instrument won't sound right.

As I have done it for a long time and know about bow making and bows in general, I have a wealth of experience so you can send me your bow with confidence. For example, I know how important it is to put the right quantity of horsehair in an individual bow. I source the hair carefully and know that there is no rulebook, every bow can be slightly different.

I offer a postal service with a 3 day door-to-door turn around which makes it easy and efficient for you. I have specially designed bow tubes that I send to you, you then post me the bow, I rehair it and return it to you. You retain the bow tube for the next rehair.

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